Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas 2016 A Christmas Truce Plea

Christmas 2016

Once again as the frantic days to Christmas countdown a time to take a time out from the shopping scenes and sights
To peer beyond the growing pile of gifts under the Christmas tree with its hundreds of lights
To take a deep breath and slowly exhale as will this be the day one’s credit card limits stall and fail?
Flat lined when in just a few days they will need CPR or defibrillation to charge into the Day after Christmas Sales
After surviving the physical chaos of Black Friday and electronic Cyber Monday a welcome sigh of relief
Finally after a bitter, rancorous presidential campaign that has caused this nation so much grief
On December 19th the Final Fat Lady will sing
Unless 37 electors ignore the will of the voters in their states, it will Donald Trump to the White House bring
A campaign that has revealed by both Reds and Blues politics’ darkest sides
To do anything to be on that winning inaugural ride
Of personal attacks on lack of character, temperament, unfitness to carry the nuclear codes
Breaking tradition and something beheadings and crisis’s could never do, draw Obama from golf and to the campaign road
But this Constitutional lawyer in his zeal to his legacy preserve, joined the campaign debate
Neglected to tell Hillary the only popular vote that counts are the ones for the electors in each state
The campaign of the Blues Michelle’s words on the campaign mocked
“When they go low we go high” as decades old alleged sexist acts by Trump unlocked
To the art of the quid pro quo deal
To the attempted secret meeting on the tarmac to an election seal
To worn and tattered racist, gender, xenophobic and Islamophobic cards in every Blue deal
To the name calling and insults on candidates’ wives as the Reds were pared down from 17 to one
The hacked emails that revealed the 24/7 efforts of the DNC to make sure Clinton not Sanders won
The hacked emails that show the DNC feeding questions to Hillary before the debate
To the true feelings of the Blues against blacks, Hispanics and the Jewish state
Not even the 24/7 efforts of the Clinton News Network and the mainstream media could conceal Hillary’s disdain
One of the many reasons why the fireworks were cancelled and Hillary lost her chance to reign
Millions upon millions of dollars spent, too much hacking and far too many smears
Make America Great Again almost drowned out by campaigns based on fears
Going forward as one we need and must have on issues the purple hue
Finally the bitter campaign is over and the Fat Lady has sung and in the Christmas season it is time to unite
Stow the bitter partisan rhetoric for sadly in another 4 years another partisan fight
In war and civil strife often a Christmas Truce will occur
A momentary relief from the death, destruction and bloodshed to insure
Time to unite, time to demonizing end, time during this Christmas season and thereafter  save for Santa, a suggested clothing ban
No more wearing on your sleeve or in your heart red or blue only just purple as the only PC garb across this land
Not to proclaim I am wearing it as the Praetorian Guard or as a royal king or queen
But mixing Red and Blue I am ready and eager to be part of the compromise and unity scene
Be you Red or Blue a sense of humor not doomed as this election no matter how shocking
Parents will have with Trump and a new EPA, the right to put coal in a naughty one’s stocking
More fitting than ever on this Christmas season we search to find, enjoy and to share the ultimate gift
Never on sale, never to be discarded as a fad, the ultimate money back guarantee, the lasting lift
You do not need an SUV to carry it home or three camels to transport it to the donee
And when the floor is swept of all the wrappings of the material gifts, it and it alone will be there for thee
The gift of peace to seek by all manner of deeds, thoughts and beliefs and the acts of goodwill to men to give
Never ending oil upon the known or unknown stormy waters in urns always full each day we live
No need for wrapping paper or ribbons as it is a gift that all want before receiving it to see
Each and every day not just one brief Christmas morning nestled under a tree
Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men
An eternal luster never dimmed even if said again and again
When one is demonizing and heaping contempt and blame upon his fellow man
Whatever gift of peace he has received will last as long as a castle built on the low tide line in the sand
 Merry Christmas to all and to all a very Happy New Year!
©December 17, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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