Monday, December 26, 2016

745 Homicides And Counting In Chicago

On the Christmas weekend of Peace on Earth Good Will to Men
The sounds of gunfire in Chicago were heard again and again
41 people shot and 11 mostly unknown victims in the news now waiting in the morgue
While on the streets thugs are on the blood of innocents not sated as they engorge
The bounds of civilization in Chicago have been torn completely asunder
The sounds of Christmas carols or midnight mass drowned by the cracks of firearms deadly thunder
In never ending turf wars for drugs where the sanctity of life no longer has a sense of wonder
Loss long ago as body after body to grieving and fearful friends is lowered six feet under
Where is the outrage of the mayor secure in his heavily protected home?
While on the streets the lawless quick to shoot without fear nightly roam
745 victims mostly black killed by mostly blacks armed with a gun
Unarmed victims unable to defend, unable to hide unable to run
More than Los Angeles and New York combined
This is ground zero for a city and society that has lost its mind
No wonder Trump in the black inner cities picked up a surge in black votes
With a call for law and order, jobs and schools and a willingness to time on those goals devote
While Rahm Emanuel is like a modern day Caligula watching the victims of his city on the streets die
His inaction must mean in this life and death struggle to the victim his thumb is never pointed up to the sky
But only down to the bloodstained, tear stained body covered ground
Put him on the streets without his bodyguards; in a New York second he would try to turn this slaughter around.
© December 26, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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