Friday, December 9, 2016

HRC Slams Fake News

Finally the felon reappears to give a speech

Ignores the lessons of her defeat that are within easy reach

Fake news are an epidemic with fatal results she claims

Given her lies and deceptions a straight face devoid of any shame

Fake news did not cost her her coronation ride

Her felonious behavior and targeting "deplorables" pushed millions to Trump's side

If the Blues ever want to as a regional party limited to the liberal coasts

Expand to the nation's heartland they need to look into the mirror and realize their message is toast

As long as they keep Pelosi and push forward Ellison we Reds have little to fear

Hopefully HRC is too arrogant to ever look truthfully at her deceptive image in a mirror  

This woman is damaged goods beyond any chance of  repair

Time for her to disappear, be a grandmother and never again be on the air

And hope that Trump with far more important fish to fry

Does not seek to with a now independent DOJ  her freedom deny 

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