Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blues the New Whigs? If MAD Why Not CAD?

The furor on the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC and HRC’s campaign is not going to abate
But two issues on Russia’s involvement in the election have yet to be raised in the debate
First and foremost the emails to the world reveal
The true feelings of the Blues toward blacks and Hispanics they have tried to conceal
Reading through the campaign emails and the feeling that Blues view blacks as plantation workers is hard to resist
To be paid only with promises every election year to keep their vote and then act as if the promises did not exist
Same with Hispanics, Jews, and the youth that Sanders had energized
If the Blues under the tired, stale and old Pelosi don’t shed the race and gender cards and the reflex to always demonize
They face the real possibility with their lack of ideas to create jobs of being regionally marginalized
Heading down to the expensive shops on Rodeo Drive or the trendy shops in San Francisco to buy a funeral wig to wear at the party’s demise
The Deplorables are the new majority and unlike the Nixon and Agnew years, no longer silent and ready, willing and  able  to cast their ballot
Other than in California, New York and Massachusetts elite, liberal Blues with their failed ideas are not pleasing to their electoral palate
California to the Blues may become a mirage of false hopes and false dreams
A movement fueled by Trump’s election to secede from the rest of us is gathering steam
If the movement somehow succeeds the millions of Red refugees will forever change the electoral map and balance of power
Never again in the remaining 49 states will the voters the now outnumbered liberal Blues empower
The other issue not raised is where in all these cyber attacks that have plagued Obama’s terms
Has there been any response other than his useless rhetoric about his concerns
We have never had a nuclear exchange with the Soviets because of the threat of MAD
Mutual Assured Destruction with millions upon millions killed by exposure to billions upon billions of rads
Frying most chips followed by nuclear winters wiping out crops and a whole planet in starvation mode
Thousands of years of civilization under clouds of mushrooms to implode
In the cyberworld why does the nation a similar deterrent doctrine not follow?
Would make our president’s eloquent rhetoric much less hollow
The doctrine of Cyber Assured Destruction or since the military loves acronyms CAD
You hack us and we hack you back to infect your computers, your phones, your servers, your ipads
A cyber Rolling Thunder that if the ante keeps increasing will leave both sides in cyber wasteland
And civilization as we know it in commerce may not the disruptions be able to withstand
The Russian leaders  and for that matter the Chinese at their core unlike the jihadists who apocalypse willingly seek
Want to preserve their prosperity  and their power and perks in office to be able to keep
But to deter the hacks the threat of CAD by this nation must be perceived as certain and very real
Won’t happen for the 36 days we are shackled to a feckless leader like Obama whose weakness we cannot conceal   
© December 15, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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