Monday, December 19, 2016

Flip Electors Flops

Finally the curtain has come down on the Fat Lady and there will be no encore
On January 20, 2018 Donald Trump as President of the United States will be opening the Oval Office door
The campaign to flip electors from Trump was a complete flop
Finally the theater of the absurd comes to a complete stop
Despite all the drama, Trump lost only two to end at 304
While symbolic of her lousy campaign Clinton lost more
Three electors flipped  to Colin Powell, one elector flipped to Spotted Eagle in The Evergreen State
A Blue elector in Minnesota and one in Colorado tried to flip from Clinton but were removed from the Electoral College slate
The election is now over awaiting on the ministerial act
To certify the Congress the Electoral College voting facts
Thank God our founding fathers recognized we were a Republic and wanted to protect the smaller states
Fearing their lust for power at the expense of the less populated more rural would not sate
Now it is time for the Blues to behind President-elect Trump unite from Obama at the top all the way down
The celebs should either pack their bags and absquatulate or shut up and quit acting like idiotic clowns
No more rants of Whoopi Goldberg that she is more qualified to be president than Trump
Rants like that should be ignored and tossed with other leftist trash into the dump!
If Blues like the Obamas, Podesta, Pelosi, and the Clintons refuse to look honestly into the mirror
The Blues belief that the party will rise like the Phoenix from its ashes is something we deplorables need not fear!
© December 19, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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