Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bill In Denial Blames Comey And Russians

When it comes to protecting our classified information Hillary Clinton has completely failed
But for the fact this nation needs to unite behind Trump, she and her aides belong in jail
The warrant application filed by the FBI to access Weiner’s laptop was just unsealed
To no one’s surprise 27 classified emails the application reveals
Deplorables and just normal Joes once again have had rubbed in their face
Two standards of justice, one for the Clintons and the other one that is really blind for the rest of the human race
What is really galling is that Bill Clinton can with a straight face claim Comey and the Russians cost Hillary an election win
Talk about the ultimate when it comes to delusional but a so typical Clintonesque spin
Ignoring his role of a breach of all ethics to try to pull off a secret meeting with the AG on her plane
Then when caught after a 30 minute conference with her, sanctimoniously proclaims
It was only a chance meeting to talk about grandchildren and one’s respective golf game
Does Bill Clinton believe that the American people are without a brain?
Hillary’s inept campaigning and arrogance and for the American elites a barely disguised disdain
If there were to be a series on TV about her efforts on the trail, it would be the “Walking Dead Campaign”
Lifeless, boring, devoid of ideas merely marking time so she could be crowned and then reign
While Trump was charging from state to state while her mainstream media branch franticly pulled back on the reins
Galloping full speed ahead with his winning Drain the Swamp, Make America Great Again seduction refrain
What killed Hillary’s chances was the decades of scandals and lying that on the fabric of her being left a putrid stain
Blues and the DNC on this one backed the wrong candidate, had the wrong focus and no response
When Trump reached out to the blacks and Hispanics on education and jobs to break her firewall sconce
“Stronger Together” while playing the racist card so many times the suits and numbers were erased
Time to cancel the fireworks, her campaign was on an accelerating path to second place
Two times like Adlai she has tried to win the brass ring and two times she has lost badly in her try
Time for her to hope and pray that in restoring the Obama wrecked economy, Trump will have other fish to fry
© December 20, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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