Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Special At 8 1/2 Cafe Is Ban Trump Voters

So much for the motto of Hawaii as the “Aloha State”
May be for Blues but if you voted for Trump you won’t get a plate
The owners of 8 ½ Café Robert Warner and his wife Jili
Are about as stupid and childish as restaurant owners can be
Maybe their food is so high priced they don’t care
Or they have made so much money before cutting the elites’ hair
But for 8 ½ Café to seek to Trump voters ban
Because if you voted for him you must be a Nazi must be condemned and ridiculed out of hand
If they are right 8 ½ Café’s days are numbered as they have just pissed off 62 million potential diners
But not surprising in the land of the left who are becoming a group of bitter sore losers and whiners
If visiting in Honolulu and a Trump voter forget about giving 8 ½ Cafe a try
Put your credit card in your wallet and join the thousands some of whom are deplorables in walking right on by
Too bad the Warners did not name the café the 8 ½ Rocket
In honor of Fellini and the movie 8 ½ with a director Guido who is daft an out of his socket
With ideas like their ideas on Trump are weak, intellectually spineless, and confusing
When we now need from the left is no more whining and partisanship subject to concerted defusing
The movie is a typical Fellini fantasy scene with Guido when his movie is cancelled shooting himself in the head
Then dancing with the cast with a realization that he should accept things as they are rather than helping others instead
Many too many metaphors for the owners of a dispenser of Italian cuisine
But time for their idiotic whines to be weaned
© December 27, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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