Thursday, December 15, 2016

To Open Up ANWR

Having grown up in Alaska in the Southeast with its salmon, Sitka Spruce, glaciers and many eagles and bears
Put my way through college and part of law school with my seining shares
Even clerked one summer in the capital of the state
Probably would have stayed there forever if I could have found more attractive dates
Alaska remains by spiritual compass like the North Star for sailors who ply the sea
My father a pioneer there for 50 years is buried in an Alaskan cemetery
My mother in a Alaska was a registered nurse
Just couldn’t stand the cold rains monsoon like curse
Still an honorary member of the Class of 65 even though graduated in the lower 48
My memories of school, seining, clerking and visiting are always first rate
I have studied TAPS until blue in the face and but for the Exxon Valdez spill
In terms of environmental  damage, the  pumping and transporting of oil has incurred a minute bill
With a new president who will remove the shackles of taxes and regulations that Obama has put in place
That will spark an economic resurgence and start to the bloated Obama debt reduce and erase
The 19 million acres known as ANWR by Carter from drilling in 1980 set aside
A new president will want legislation to no longer to those restrictions abide
The Blues with more than 40 seats in the Senate will fight tooth and nail
But with a House amendment to a  budget reconciliation bill they will fail
Before they claim a war by big oil and the Reds on the flora and fauna in the state I adore
A little oil economics in a capitalist model a private sector company cannot ignore
If oil remains at less than $60 to $70 a barrel the companies will lose money on each ANWR barrel they remove and transport to the tanker ships
Unlike the feds who can print money till the cows come home continuing to losing money will be firings and a turning off of the red ink spigot
The oil will remain in the ground while alternative energy sources are continued to be developed at decreasing production costs
And the chance for a motorist to use that ANWR oil to the concern of the Greens will be forever lost.
The Blues need to choose very carefully the battleground hills they feel they need to climb
With costs of removal higher than price, this is a battle they should want to leave unfought, far, far behind
© December 15, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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