Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hamilton Electors Are A Farce

We all thought we had heard the fat lady sing on Election Day
With an encore performance of a concession speech by Hillary on display
We sadly were wrong and the notes we thought we had heard
With the Jill Stein recounts were drowned in the theater of the absurd
Clearly Stein is on the recount stage
To raise money for another presidential election for the Green to wage
But with the possibility of changing the results almost completely nil
Time to move on, take a deep breath and swallow an antacid stomach pill
Little did we know that the anti-Trumpers are a dedicated lot
Led by a band of electors from two pot head states they are trying to from Trump electors peel
They call themselves the Hamilton Electors and there dislike of Trump cannot be concealed
One lone elector from Texas that Trump by a landslide easily won
Has announced that when it comes time to vote in December Trump he will shun
Texas is one of 23 states that do not require electors to vote for the winning candidate
They can vote their conscience and the will of the majority they can negate
The Texas elector indicated today on Fox he will not vote for Trump and probably will not for Hillary vote
In the process of deliberation as he enjoys the attention on his stunt the media will most likely devote
The theater of the absurd continues we cannot get the closing curtain to fall and the actors leave finally the stage
In a world waiting for the U.S. with a strong president to again lead and lead soon watching this farce rage
In the end, if 36 electors do not vote for Trump and will not Hillary support
It’s off to the House controlled by Reds if Trump against all odds comes up short
Has not happened since 1824
Cannot imagine the chaos we would have for us in store
If the House did not vote for Trump to bind the divisive wounds
And finally let the fat lady sing her Trump is our president tune
We need to before the world as a people unite
And stop this nonsense of reliving the Election fight
© December 6, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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