Monday, December 19, 2016

Nice Deja Vu in Berlin Christmas Market

When it comes to the terror of radical Islam, Trump during the election was right on point
His warnings that admitting thousands of “refugees” was like a Trojan Horse without a vetting checkpoint
Were shown to be true once again in a copycat Nice like attack with an assault by a hijacked lorry
Poor Merkel who opened the floodgates to “refugees” seeking asylum and will have to explain  another repeat Nice story
Merkel already is in trouble with voters who think on migration she has gone way too far
More so when the Islamists are stabbing, chopping and now running Germans over with lorries and cars
A Muslim migrant from Afghanistan or Pakistan decided to the urgings of ISIS heed
Go to where the infidels gather like Christmas markets and mow them down like weeds
In Berlin this fanatic got behind a lorry wheel and ran over 60 shoppers, 12 of whom died
48 wounded in yet another example of the war by radical Islam Obama has consistently denied
Whereas al-Qaeda went for like 9/11 or the suicide bombing of the USS Cole
Lots of publicity and lots of dead bodies to be added to the infidels’ toll
ISIS has learned the value of lone wolves on soft targets with weapons such as knives, axes and trucks
Stopping those attacks is going to take a lot of intel, a lot of citizen vigilance and a whole lot of luck
If Merkel wants to keep her job as I expect she does, watch for her to ape Trump and talk about deporting and a wall
With more security and troops along its borders to the flow of migrants curtail and stall
We could be witnessing another Iron Curtain not like the Soviets to keep their people in
But in Europe’s case to keep refugees out and put humanity concerns for their plight out on a limb
At least the suspected killer has been caught
A treasure trove of intel to be gathered before they send him to solitary to rot
© December 19, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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