Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hillary and Obama in Denial Mode Still

Even the most tyro of therapists without patients fresh out of school
Will say that acceptance of a disease or fate is the most useful treating tool
Stay in denial and recovery has not a chance
The disease with all its consequences will continue to advance
Whether it be cancer, AIDS or Ebola, an adage so very true
Now witnessed so very clearly in the loss of the White House by the Blues
Hillary and her elite and out of touch supporters continue to play the blame game
From the deplorables, the racists, misogynists, Islamophibics, xenophobics, Russians to even the Clinton News Network to now blame
Like a tired, wasted, could have been a contender on the waterfront so quick to proclaim
I could have be a queen had I not by fake news, hacking and press coverage been defamed
Total illusion as the press did everything in its dwindling powers
To demean Trump and shame his deplorables to cower
Looking back at the Blue lost
Despite over a billion in campaign spending cost
Shakespeare said it best
An A+ on any poly sci test
The fault dear Hillary is not in the stars but in ourselves
Look in the mirror and see the lying and deceptions you could not shelve
Look at the video clips of empty rallies with cheerleaders before trying to amp up the lifeless crowd
With the members covered in the fatal for voters lack of interest and enthusiasm shroud
She and her ideas or lack thereof would be to Blues a fatal toxic dose
Foregone conclusion for of an electoral loss not even close
Elections are not a game of horseshoes where popular votes count as almost
Will not ever allow one to without the college be the four year White House host
No surprise her holiday party was reported to be like a band playing at a wake
Yet with Pelosi and Schumer still in power, the elitist, progressive wing, to the joy of Reds, dodged the mortal stake
Only Michelle probably inadvertently got it right that America has no hope
So true as long even in the waning days we are hobbled with an inept president that cannot cope
©December 17, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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