Monday, December 12, 2016

Obama Legacy Like Sand Castle Built On Low Tide Line

Obama and Ike were similar in only two respects
Both served two terms and golf was their favorite sport to select
There the similarities come to a complete and utter end
Ike had the skill set to the Allies forge into a deadly, winning blend
Obama couldn’t manage his way out of a wet paper bag
When it came to compromise and foreign policy, he totally lagged
Obama touted all the shovel ready jobs his Stimulus package would provide
Ike gave us thousands upon thousands of real shovels and Interstate Highways on which to ride
Ike went to Korea and left a force in place and ended the Korean War
Obama turned tail in Iraq  fleeing with all the troops and the advice of his generals chose to ignore
Ike warned of the military industrial complex and the dangers to our prosperity and peace it would pose
Obama cut the military to its very bones and moved to create an increasing crony capitalism flow
Ike started us on the road into space chasing the Russian Sputnik to ultimately catch and surpass with men on the moon to our great pride
Under Obama we ceased going to the Moon,   grounded the Space Shuttle and to get into space now have to with the Russians hitch a ride
Ike gave us Atoms for Peace to nuclear energy around the world create
Obama gave us a soon to be nuclear armed Iran with a terroristic thirst never to sate
Ike gave us the Eisenhower Doctrine promising military and economic aid to communist aggression in the Middle East resist
Obama burdened us with the doctrine of the red line in the sand which by our foes was quickly dismissed
Eight years of peace and prosperity with GDP growing at an increase of three percent per year
With Obama the worst recovery in a lifetime at an annual increase of two percent no wonder a lot of economic fear
Obamacare has driven a deadly spike into the economy’s barely beating heart
No wonder confidence is finally recovering as we look forward to Trump in and Obama soon to depart
Obama’s legacy will start to collapse like a house of cards on day one
His executive orders to circumvent Congress will be quickly undone
Cards may be a graphic image but this one is even better as Trump to make America great again moves to Obama’s legacy erase
Obama’s legacy will be like a sand castle built at the ebb tide which will be washed away on the flood, leaving not one sandy grain trace
© December 12, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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