Wednesday, December 28, 2016

US and Syria Excluded by Russia, Iran and Turkey

Cease fire talks are being held in Moscow with the Middle East’s New Big Three not Big Four
Another painful reminder that more and more of the world when it comes to our input chooses to ignore
Turkey, Iran, and Russia are meeting to obtain a cease fire in Syria’s rubbled streets and  killing fields
To slow down or stop the carnage past 500,000 that is in this conflict the butcher’s bill initial yield
The U.S. is playing follow its  leader and is MIA at the cease fire table
Exposing the Obama’s view that we are stronger than ever as a delusional fable
Syria is not present either which may be a for civilians a good sign
That the killings of civilians and the rise of ISIS has gotten completely out of line
Russia probably could care less about Assad’s continued reign
But its expanded naval base at Tartus and its new airbase, it would not want to see flushed down the drain
Russia too faces a ticking population time bomb
Muslims as a percentage are increasing rapidly, a fertile ground for radical Islam
Turkey has also witnessed the gruesome ISIS effects
Having Russia bombing and strafing ISIS may cause them to from NATO defect
Iran wants ISIS out of the way to its land bridge to Lebanon is intact
Funneling arms and men to Hezbollah so Israel they can easily attack
In the end the Syrian rebels and ISIS by Russian bombs and missiles wipe out
While Iranian and Turkish forces complete the rout
Leaving an independent Kurdistan, shia Iraq, a puppet of Iran, and sunni Iraq
Knowing they will be next as the U.S. will not protect their back
And Assad reduced to a puppet pulled by Russian strings
And American influence reduced to a mere prayer lacking any wings
While the Big Three are chatting and solidifying Russia’s role as the new Mideast Power Broker
Kerry is trying to justify our sticking Israel in its ass with a red hot poker
Pushing a two state solution that was tried as a beta in Gaza only to see the tunnels and the rockets like a monsoon rain
Any Israeli who is rational and alive only because of the Iron Dome and believes statehood brings peace is probably insane
The only rational for Israel to back a two state solution
Would be the higher Arab birth rates to cause a Jewish majority dilution
While Obama is fiddling in delusional land with fantasy land cataracts obscuring any reality vision
No wonder our allies and foes look at us with contempt and derision
© December 28, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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