Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Behar and Goldberg Out to Lunch on Hacking

If you want to be entertained by ladies who when it comes to issues of the day are completely without a clue
Tune in week days and listen to the rants of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg who appear on The View
 The current flap against Trump is that by criticizing the CIA conclusion that the Russians hacked the Blues
And then released damaging emails the disparaging comments of Hispanics and blacks that HRC would come to rue
Trump has put the nation at risk and according to Behar must step down
Should be taken as seriously as the antics and rants of a second rate circus clown
The FBI who felt the wrath of Clinton, Obama, Pelosi and Reid
To my knowledge has not found evidence hacking by Russia did succeed
A leap of faith that the Russians hacked into the RNC and damaging to Trump emails were uncovered
But instead of releasing them they were withheld so the Blues would not discover
The CIA has had a long history of with elections abroad quick to interfere and despised victors seek to replace
To suppose that here the CIA like the DOJ so politicized by Obama would want to discredit Trump’s win might not be far off base
There is something called a Red Report which on most intelligence items a minority view represents
My gut feel is if it exists it would tout that no hacking occurred so to the Post and the Times was not sent
No wonder Barbara Walters believes The View’s slant will drive viewers away from the tube
I concur after listen the rants of the two idiots Goldberg and Behar bookend boobs
Rational viewers could not care what panelists on The View think
Would be much more enlightening and worthwhile to click on the following link
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