Sunday, December 18, 2016

Michelle Is Out to an Unhealthy Non-Accepting Election Lunch

Michelle Obama deserves some praise for standing up for her husband but he never delivered on the promises he vowed
Maybe few of us remember her statement that with Barack’s election for the first time to be an American she could be proud
Obama in 2008 was a snake oil salesman selling the myth of hope and change
His view of what America needed to be was delusional and deranged
BLM has the narrative of white privilege, more accurate with Obama it was white guilt
How to explain his election when not a single legislation passed or a single business or success has he ever built
Even Hillary whose baggage of scandal would tip all scales against her
Was head and shoulders above this community organizer who could drag the white guilt lure
Hope and change sounds so good as a slogan but in reality a complete utter rot
Obamacare, the world in flames, ISIS, the economy still on life support is what we got
Speaking from a teleprompter with just the right emphasis and pause may be a vote getting skill
But in the marketplace of competing nations rhetoric only may create applause but never pays the bills
Historians should have a hard time coming to grips
With such a pathetic recovery and the blood of Benghazi how Romney could ever slip
Against Obama’s clone and barking campaign dog, Trump did not and erased her Blue firewall
Obama’s legacy will have run out of gas and crash and burn after January 20 it fatally stalls
Michelle has it completely wrong by 180 degrees as hope did not with Trump’s election end
Rather what ended was the 8 years of hopelessness as he led this nation on an increasing national debt trend
We finally have a president-elect who reached out to the black and Hispanic community not to just suck out their vote
But one who with charter schools, more police protection in Chicago like war zones and more jobs wants to their improvement devote
We finally have a president-elect who understand how to successful businesses run
When people are held accountable and just because you’re a crony you don’t waste federal dollars creating power from the Sun
If Michelle could but on one day leave the bubble and her Potemkin PR garden and go to the Carrier plant
Ask the workers about hope and how they perceive her anti Trump no hope slant
Ask the students with degrees that cannot find a job living in their parents’ home
Ask the unemployed who in such despair looking for jobs they no longer roam
Ask the people opening up their Obamacare bills with their sticker shock
How to pay for their insurance and medical care without a job and their meager assets already in deep hock
Ask the parents of Kate Steinle whether for other parents they have hope
That with trump the flood across our open border of criminal illegal aliens and drugs we now have a chance to cope
Ask the families of veterans who have died under Obama’s watch due to treatment and appointment delays
How much hope in them will be overflowing on Inauguration Day?
Talk to any member of the military who to save our freedoms may go into harm’s way
With better and more weapons how much better they feel now they have a true Commander in Chief to obey
The only people who are without hope are the celebrities and the pollsters, pundits, lobbyists, bureaucrats and other denizens of the swamp
Who like you cannot accept the election and like a two year old who did not get her way is throwing a temper tantrum complete with screams and stomps
As to the leftist celebs who were threatening to if Trump won they would pack up and leave
Sadly, that is the one and probably only one goal Trump will not in his first term achieve.
 ©December 18, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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