Monday, December 26, 2016

Obama Thinks He Would Have Won Huh

Obama now has 25 days left to enjoy his on the Waterfront delusional grip
Marlon Brando like pronouncements that he would have had millions of voters to jump the Trump ship
He personified the swamp denizens that believed they knew what’s always best for us.
No matter what objections or questions or doubts always the just give us your trust
The hard working Americans that Obama had nothing in common with
No compassion no sympathy only I will look out for you again and again to continue the big myth
He certainly had more energy than Hillary who was stricken with the fatal overconfidence diseases
But could not hold a candle to Trump’s energy hobbled by tired old policy stale reprises
Narcissistic, egotistical and aloof even with his own party to his core
His policies completely failed to prosperity to this country restore
Not sure what the point Obama was trying to make since he could not run for a third term
Maybe to try to resurrect his legacy in the history books as Trump prepares to it trash and burn
So quickly all that will be left is a mound of ash being blown high by the winds of rejection
To be scattered by the winds of hope that wanted nothing to do with him in this last election
This poet cares not what the historians and sycophants in the press will as to his rankings think
Only that he counts the few days remaining knowing Trump will hit ground running to insure our standing and chances for prosperity do not further sink.
© December 26, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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