Friday, June 28, 2019

Wealth Tax Supported By Super Rich?

At some point in time no matter how great the meal
A body becomes sated and if continuing picks at his food with little zeal
Maybe the same is true of continued accumulation of wealth
Whether earned through hard work and risk or by inherited stealth
When you have assets in the millions from deprivation one is largely immune
On consumption there is a limit to how many toys or mansions and the number of rooms
As long as all wealth is at risk and  some wealth is held in T-Bills or insured accounts
Regardless of the bankruptcy leveling winds you will still have comfort dollars to count
How many buildings on college campuses in your name
Until overflowing is the cup of adulation and fame?
Your favorite college or charity has enough endowment that fulfillment of its goals will never wane
The good work done to the general population will always continue to reign
How many foundations must you in your name create
To wage a holy war against disease to cause it to abate?
How many scholarships must you endow
Before a grateful nation before you bows?  
At what point the realization finally dawns
Time to spread the wealth like fertilizing a new lawn?
If you keep wealth and pass it on to your kids the disease of spoiled lack of incentive rich kid infects
An entrepreneur who built his fortune from intellect, hard work, luck and risk will that path reject
The conundrum is how to shed wealth but to the recipients who waste not and make it grow
When if in government programs too much waste and fraud and the funds grow low
Maybe you divide  among family, wealth tax income equality and philanthropy in percentages to have the most impact
Three prongs like a trident to the social needs of this great country attack
© June 28, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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