Saturday, June 8, 2019

Housewarming for a New Grill

Ever since Lucy came down from the trees and stood straight and erected
We have on the difference between animals and humans on the issue of fire reflected
Animals see fire and in fear
Quickly flee when it appears
Humans have spent thousands of years trying to learn
How to keep a fire going or make pieces of wood burn
Tired of freezing and eating raw roots and uncooked meat
A long ago ancestor saw wood burning from a lightning strike and felt its heat
Daringly put a piece of meat on a stick over the fire for a tasty treat
The beginning of a path to all manner of tasty meals to greet
For our cooking always looking for the perfect tools
Wood, charcoal, coal, oil, and natural gas as over nature we rule
Ovens, cookers, spits, stoves, our minds would not quit
Even hot rocks covered with leaves in a luau pit
But when it came to steaks the choice was easy, it had to be not a pan but a grill
That’s why we are gathered today to celebrate this gift from the opening of the owner’s till
Now we are blessed with a massive stainless steel grill
Enabling anyone to be become king of barbecue hill
How better a way to christen our grill and break it in
Than a steak pot luck where with our neighbors our taste buds and bellies win.
Even though perhaps in the future a sad day
For our resident chef Zack is moving away.
© June 8, 2019

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