Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Alfred E. Newman on a Campaign Deja Vu

Mayor Pete announced and became the darling of the progressives
Young, articulate, a vet in accord with them on LBGT rights aggressive
Not in the closet but married to his partner and openly gay
An unknown he quickly climbed in the polls and looked to be on his way
No longer under the radar this Mayor of South Bend
Then something happened that took the air out of the sails of this phenom trend
Trump took notice and on him a name pinned
Cast doubt then and there if he had a chance to win
Mayor Pete with a last name no one could easily pronounce
Must have rolled his eyes in despair when his name Trump chose to announce
In Trumpspeak Mayor Pete will be “Alfred E. Newman” as now known
Compared to the cover on Mad from here you could hear Pete groan
Dukakis looking like Alfred E. Newman in a M-1 tank met his Waterloo
Trump must have known the label stuck on Pete would be an election déjà vu
No one wants a grinning fool to the White House occupy
Soon his rise in the polls reality began to deny
Insult to injury occurred when a black was shot by police in South Bend
Rushing to a town hall to meet with angry blacks, he brought his campaign to a temporary end
Instead of standing erect, tall and strong
He chose the optics that were clearly wrong
Behind a desk peering into the crowd
Facing black hecklers angry and loud
A chair behind a desk morphed into Newman’s tank
He began his fall from the up and coming wanna-bes rank
He calling for the FBI to investigate the shooting
Riled the police union who would like to give him a swift booting
Even without the name and the shooting, it’s hard for a big city or  small town mayor
To climb over other more experienced politicians to sit in the Oval Office chair
Look only to the example of Mayor De Blasio whose race makes Don Quixote seem a winner
No matter what De Blasio tries he will come as a big time loser on the voters election spinner   
© June 25, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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