Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Prioritize Citizens Homeless And Poor First

There is a phobia common to both Blues and Reds
Both fear prioritize needs and would rather spend and run deficits instead
Both defy the reality that spending more than we make and the well will run dry
Kicking the deficit can down the road weak attempts not prepared to try
The reality of the homeless problem each day gets closer in our face
Just look at San Francisco’s total fall from grace
That beautiful city by the bay
Looks like in many places a third world slum today
People on sidewalks or parks or wherever they can pitch tents
Reams of needles discarded after contents into veins sent
Urine and feces abound along with mounting mountains of trash
Rats multiple and any sense of hygiene soon to crash
Rats infested with fleas carry transmitted disease
Jumping from rat to human to human with ease
Already illegals are flooding across our borders in excess of 100,000 a month like cancer cells
Making what used to be great places to live and work a total hell
Blues continue to urge open borders which means more to illegals aid
Wage levels and our quality of life continue to degrade
Small pebbles of sense thrown into illegal alien lake
No longer will illegals be allowed in public housing and rooms from citizens take
No longer will sponsors evade collection if aliens they sponsor need public aid
Have to reimburse the government and end the taxpayer raid
But only slight ripples that barely wash upon the shore
No help from the Blues on security as the Border Patrol pleas they ignore
The Blues will not help Reds fight the effect of the open borders curse
If we can’t stop or at least reduce the flow our problems get worse
We must prioritize and prioritize now to help our own citizen homeless and poor first
Then and only then if a surplus of funds after deficit reduction tend to the illegals’ thirst
Trump has been frustrated at every turn by Senate rules, Obama judges, now a Blue House and the two year Mueller probe
Daily subject to the 24/7 MSM anti-Trump biased attacks delivered by Blues and their MSM media lackeys in meltdown mode
Unless we tone down the rhetoric and ad hominen attacks we are doomed to as a nation fail
We must come together to propose solutions for our pressing problems, we must end this gridlock tale.
We are not Reds or Blues or Indies with separate unique hues
We are Americans with unity cab try to solve—that’s how our nation grew
© May 4, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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