Saturday, June 8, 2019

On Mexican Tariffs Trump Wins CNN Can Only Anti-Trump SpinBBo

When it comes to coverage of Trump by CNN, no matter the accomplishment Trump cannot win
No matter the victory for the nation, CNN always distorts the event with an anti-Trump spin
The latest case in point is Trump’s attempt since the Blues on illegal immigration are MIA
Too much to hope they will ever cross the aisle so maybe on this one due to bias they’re KIA
Frustrated with Mexico’s refusal on illegals coming across their southern border in a tidal wave tide
No attempts to stop or turn them back even assembling buses to the U.S. give them a free ride
Trump hauled out the tariff stick and said such complicity is enough
In 30 days escalating tariffs starting at 5% would be imposed on all imported Mexico stuff
While he Blues attacked and remained asleep at the illegal immigration solution switch
Mexico heard the wake-up call and headed for the Swamp to negotiate the plan into the ditch
A reached negotiated deal with Mexican troops to its southern border to crossings prevent
Illegals seeking asylum back to Mexico not released into U.S. interior but back to Mexico sent
Tariffs on Mexican goods on Mexican goods do not go into effect
A great win but to CNN only a means for a 75,000 job report to deflect
No wonder viewership of CNN at double digit rates continues to fall
Until they end advocacy and fake news the drop will not stall
Pelosi needs to get off her biased anti-Trump put him in prison ass
Allow introduction of USMCA which will easily in the House pass
Just another example of anti-Trump bias the good of the nation being trumped
When will the Blues for the good to the nation toss such bias into the dump?

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