Saturday, June 1, 2019

8.6 Ounce Micropreemie Discharged In Good Health at 5 pounds nvvrvvrp

New York touts its abortion rights bill that really justifies infanticide
Ditto for Virginia as the disgust of pro lifers will not subside
Illinois will send a bill the governor will sign that says a fetus has no rights
Only years ago Blues’ belief that abortion should be safe and rare is gone from sight
While the Blues want women to abort at any time prior to birth
Modern medicine and pro lifers believe that life has over choice more worth
In San Diego a little girl was born by caesarian at 23 weeks months early
Not a chance to be viable one would argue surely
Mother’s life in danger so Baby Saybe had to come out
To face a micro preemie’s life threatening bout
8.6 ounces apple weight and size
Just discharged at 5 pounds as opposed to an expected demise
Inmates on death row have stopped executions cold due to lethal injection pain
Why does not a viable fetus have the right to treatment the same?
Late term abortions mean the fetus must great pain feel
Tortured before death due to pro life zeal
A woman’s choice to choose balanced against a life to painfully lose
Should mean that choice in that case does not win abortion t cannot choose

© June 1, 2019 Michael P. Ridley the Alaskanpoet   

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