Monday, June 3, 2019

There Will Always Be An England

One look at Elizabeth II and it is easy to see why there will always be an England across the other side of our Atlantic pond
Two nations united by language, common law and a strong unshakeable bond
Fought two wars against each other in the beginning
Fought five wars with each other as allies and winning
Shared sacrifice, shared blood, sweat and tears
When the U.S. and Britain stand together the threats have much to fear
Ruled by a queen of incredible stature and grace
For Trump’s visit the royal red carpet to be put in place
In a city run by a mayor who would not the royal banquet with Trump share
Made it clear to him Trump’s visit was more than he could bear
A childish outburst that Trump is a global threat
How quickly does he the threat of radical Islam, Iran, North Korea and China forget
Trump to his credit when asked about his view of the mayor be shared
No diplomatic sugar coating his feelings quickly bared
He’s a stone cold loser like di Blasio only much shorter
Get into a verbal fight with him and there is no quarter  
On to Normandy to commemorate the Great Crusade at the  beaches at D-Day
Watched by a dwindling band of aging veterans of the Greatest Generation that General Old Age continues to slay
© June 3, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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