Saturday, June 15, 2019

Perdue Joins Tyson to Ape Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat’s stock after its IPO has gone off like a rocket
Putting millions in early stage investors’ and those IPO purchasers’ pockets
No earnings only losses but for a brief moment the only game in town
The big boys seeing the hype are coming in to take Beyond Meat down
First Tyson the number one processor of chicken
Entered plant based meat to give Beyond Brands a licken
Followed by Perdue at number four realizing this is a market hard to ignore
Watch for suitors of Beyond Brand to come knocking at the door
Far more efficient to make directly from plants foods with a true chicken like taste
Without the cruelty to the chickens and the cost of handling chicken waste
No good idea goes unnoticed in the world of business
Ape others’ success is the secret of competitive wiseness
We are witnessing a race from the chicken coop
Who among the top ten will be the plant food winner and not fail to around competitors loop?

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