Monday, June 10, 2019

Medical Care For Aliens What About Citizens

Our one party Blue ruled Golden State with homeless Americans swamping our parks, sidewalks and streets
Thousands of homeless and poor Americans going hungry with not enough to eat
Instead of trying to Americans take care first
Blues want to spend dollars on illegals as for the homeless it gets worst
$100 million for illegals medical care
While our Medical cupboards struggling to avoid being bare
In the homeless neighborhoods we are rolling the dice on deadly disease to spread
Football sized rats running free carrying serious pathogens that make you ill or kill you dead
With a steady stream of potentially unhealthy. unvaccinated illegals coming through our doors
How long will the Blues, heads in sands the crisis at the border ignore?
The elite like Pelosi never a homeless encampment would ever go near
Behind their walls and guards they most likely have nothing to fear
But we mere mortals have to dodge needles and germ laden feces on our sidewalks
Try to get Blues to address illegals adding to the problems and all they do is balk
What will it take for these Blues to come to their senses?
And strengthen and lengthen our barriers,  walls and fences
A pandemic like the Spanish flu carried by fleas on football sized rats
Jumping from illegals or from homeless to homeless sleeping on tent city mats
We are a charitable nation with outstretched hands
But first we need to deal with our own homeless that is a blight upon the land.
J June 10, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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