Monday, June 24, 2019

Trump Besieged by Blues, MSM and RINOs

It is expected that a sitting president should face opposition from the out of party
In Trump’s case never has it been so vitriolic, prolonged and 24/7 hearty
It is expected that a free press will hold a president’s feet to the fire
In Trump’s case never has objectivity been so totally retired
It is expected that if a senior official disagrees with presidential policy the course of action is to resign
In Trump’s case the common action of dissenters is slow walk, leaks to the press and his character and policies malign
Case in point is the acting RINO director of DHS
Actively working to deportation raids of criminal illegals suppress
If he continues to the directives of Trump ignore
Time to pack his bags and be immediately shown the door
Hobbled for over two years by a witch-hunt spawned by a false anti-Trump dossier
Trump has had to endure the impeachment threats for obstruction and collusion hurled his way
To meet with Putin to tensions in the world ramp down and diffuse
He faces allegations of treason forcing any détente to refuse
Hard to circle the wagons against Blues and MSM when his own horses are pulling way
When opposition and gridlock are daily on display and on important issues the Blues are MIA
We face problems with Iran that may lead to the swords unsheathed
From the Blues we are mired in gridlock for which we get no relief
Trump is doing the Wallenda tight rope trek
Tariffs to goad the Chinese to unfair trade practices reject
Cities tout the mantra of sanctuary cities’ laws
A never ending flood of illegals reveal our asylum and immigration flaws
While the 25 wanna-bes are on issues mostly out to lunch
Trump holds his ground and continues to strongly counterpunch
The divide grows wider and deeper between Blues and Reds
Ignoring the people’s wants and needs and compromise shed
Before the race and rhetoric whine into high gear
Making all rational discourse impossible to hear
One last plea to the rhetoric tone down
Time to rise above party to find common ground
© June 24, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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