Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Kamala Inanely Believes She Has No Choice But To Prosecute TrumpbcHl

Kamala Harris is without question the open border illegal alien supporter queen
Mired among 22 other wanna-bes desperate to in a higher position be seen
From the Banana Republics where many of the illegals come from
Seems the policies of their leaders she has succumbed
Peaceful transition of power is usually quite rare
Usually it’s a bullet or a long prison term to be kept there
She has been infected with the Banana Republic power grabbing disease
Chain an ex-leader to a post then order the trigger fingers of a firing squad to squeeze
Followed by a coup de grace to the ex-leader’s head
One way to insure a potential rival is now dead
She rants in an interview that if she becomes president she will have no choice
But to have her DOJ prosecute Trump so she and her anti-Trump supporters can rejoice
This power hungry leftist perhaps has never heard of President Ford
Who knew deep divisions among the people being exacerbated the nation could ill afford
He did the right thing after Nixon resigned
He made the right choice as  he pardoned him and put his reelection on the line
Against Carter Ford due to has pardon of Nixon, he lost
Acts the right thing for the country but to him a high personal cost
But Kamala ignores that is what being a president is how you define
Act for the good of the nation and ignore partisan Blue whines
Trump may have his faults and his head winds from the Deep State have been constant and severe
But a criminal he is not and this nation must not be torn further apart by in a criminal courtroom Kamala makes him appear
She’s a desperate woman blinded by hate and a White House power grabbing lust
No way can we ever allow to her to gain the Oval Office when her ideas and acts overflow with disgust
© June 12, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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