Sunday, June 9, 2019

Rashida Tlaib Has Proposed Free Income To Those Who Don't Work

In Rome as the tax base was crumbling the Emperors turned to for the masses free bread
And shows by the fight to the death gladiators replacing work generating taxes instead
Rashida Tlaib has unveiled a socialist shocker
That clearly shows this person is off her rocker
Do not work or make less than $50 grand under her plan as a single person you pocket $3 grand
An incentive killer to find work will flood this land
More and more jobs will go unfilled and other countries will eat our lunch
Lacking workers businesses by foreign competition will be crunched
Since Social Security needs more and more workers to support those who retire
The trust fund will be sooner wiped out, depriving seniors of the retirement to which they aspire
When the incentives to work are replaced by the government dole
The federal government in our lives has a larger and larger role
Inane idea akin to selling our collective soul
Watch the people thrown out of work as it takes in toll  

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