Saturday, June 8, 2019

Pelosi's Disgraceful Call To Put Trump In Prison

Fail to destroy the evidence and from liability Nixon could not skate
That’s why she created her private server with its comforting thought
With a coronation urged by MSM she would never be caught
Servers unlike tape recorders could be hacked
Which occurred as proper security hers lacked
Not to be as the existence of her server and some emails were revealed
We all thought the FBI investigation would indictments reveal
Little did we know the investigation was rigged
Never a chance to prosecute her and send her to the brig
Too many top officials at the FBI and DOJ circled the wagons to her protect
Any chance to apply the rule of law to her Lynch, Obama and Comey would reject
This poet’s fervent hope was that she would be indicted but when elected Trump would do a Ford and a pardon grant
A time to come together, end the rhetoric, heal the divisive wounds and end the anti-Trump howling at the moon and rants
At the Republican Convention in response to Christie’s call I cringed
Lock her up chants seemed like those of a banana republic fringe
Yet almost three years later Pelosi like Christi is aping the spin
Putting a president in prison for his views only is never for the nation a win
From the Blues on Pelosi’s shameful prison exhortations
Only the sounds of silence not a whisper of condemnation
As long as the Blues especially Hillary suffer from the election was stolen from her myth
Chances of compromise to legislate solutions will be cut down to the roots with a partisan scythe
© June 8, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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