Sunday, June 9, 2019

California To Provide Free Medical Care To IllegalsAFee f

California has become a one party state
Ruled by Blues whose need to spend we cannot sate
Pushing open borders and the magnet of sanctuary cities
While economically challenged citizens are dismissed without pity
Free medical care of illegals while the citizen poor have to choose
Food and shelter or medicines and the health they may lose
How many billions will be spent on illegals who break our laws
Free medical care along with aid  has to be viewed as the last straw
Charity and welfare must first and foremost be met at home
Especially when aid to our citizens has been cut to the bone
Our citizen homeless fill our streets
Slum like conditions with diseases like typhus to meet
Each day a struggle to find enough food to eat
Each morning another day of desperation and hopelessness to greet
Blue politicians the crisis at the border totally ignore
They adhere to the mantra it’s better when the number of illegals is more
Illegals as opposed to legals bring us diversity but the total opposite of strength
To fight a secure border with a wall the Blues will go to any length
2020 will be a watershed year to push Pelosi out, add more Senate seats
Send whatever leftist/socialist the Blues pick down to a landslide defeat
© June 9, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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