Sunday, June 23, 2019

Another Blue On Left Joins Race As 25th

The youth no matter where are drawn to challenges their parents would never share
In the 50’s the challenge was to see how many persons crammed into a phone booth and not run out of air
In 1959 in Durham, South Africa 25 students aped sardines
Set the record for most persons in the phone booth scene
Not long after students in America tried to ape
Came close but could not cross the record tape
Total frenzy from studying at the library going on the lam
To see how many persons into a structure they could cram
From cars to hollows of trees the publicity race was on
Select tiny men or women not big hulking brawns
Like all fads and good things, the craze came to an end
Like a dormant volcano to restart this humorous trend
The fad has now resurfaced in the 2020 election race
To a sitting president try to replace
24 Blue wanna-bes have thrown their hats into the primary ring
Now joined by the 25th hoping a nomination the fates will bring
24 Don Quixotes leaning ever more to the left
How to rise above will take both luck and skill so deft
But waiting almost to the very last to enter
Is a retired rear admiral who would at first glance seem to be right of center
But his record as a Congressman would prove otherwise
His potential liberal ideas if elected should come as no surprise
Trounced Red candidates in his House races
And won a Senate primary against Specter who had changed party places
But headwind from the party bosses
Angered over his win against Specter insured his loss
The long knives were out again when in 2016 he ran once more
Failed to successfully to even open the Blue Senate Primary door
His campaign may be doomed to never leave port to ascend the debate stage
Being a liberal wolf in a rear admiral’s clothing will not mean a successful campaign to wage
If this poet is wrong the Reds must be ready to cross his T
Expose he’s not right of center and too leftist for you and me  
© June 23, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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