Saturday, June 8, 2019

Pelosi Calls Trump's Success With Mexico Reckless

Pelosi is supposed to be a brilliant politician
Even though for a party of the people her class is patrician
But what used to be a case of clear vision to move her agenda ahead
Stymied by anti-Trump bias that seems to be infecting her head
From her castigation of the tax cut as crumbs
To it’s a manufactured border crisis she comes across as really dumb
Her latest foray into inanity
Verges almost on insanity
Trump called Mexico on immigrations to task
With Mexico blinking he should be able to bask
But not with the likes of Pelosi whose observations are feckless
The threat of tariffs worked and Mexico now will help but Pelosi rants Trump was reckless
On immigration Pelosi remains the lead monkey who sees no evil, hears no evil and behind her wall no evil feels
While Trump reaches out to solve the illegal immigration problem and with Mexico cuts a deal
While Pelosi rants his deal violates the “rights” of asylum seekers to be released never to a hearing return
When it comes to illegals never coming back to a hearing they will lose she has no concern
How would she react to the illegal alien threat if her hired guns were removed and her walls taken down
My money is on a New York second her 180 position there’s a border crisis would quickly come around
© June 8, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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