Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trump Way Over The Top On Carly Attack

Carly’s face may not be the face that launched a thousand ships
But Trump’s diatribe for that icon reporting virtue suggests he is losing his grip
Real men do not assault or demean women especially demeaning their facial looks
Trump somehow feels he is above the laws of the basic civility books
He was definitely on a bullying roll
Baring for the voters to see his egotistical and narcissistic soul
The only thing that could have been worse would for him to have alleged she as a president would be unfit
Not enough cleavage which is what leaders would want to see when they do a selfie photo sit
Trump is a loose cannon who has the capability of decimating the Senate and House Reds
When the novelty of the helicopter and the hair wears off the voters will any support for him quickly shed
Déjà vu of Goldwater who history will show was a pretty sane and thoughtful man
Destroyed by the commercials that portrayed him as a warmonger to be kept from having the football in his hands
I know that in Trump’s mind humility is a cardinal sin, a despicable vice
But from a poet, here is some reasoned advice
Assuming Hillary is not indicted, the War on Women will be a campaign center plank
An observation that Trump can and should take to the bank
Do not give Hillary any room to from her emails and dishonesty the attention of the voters divert
Apologize sincerely today for your remarks and vow to count to at least ten before idiotic statements to the press you blurt!
© September 10, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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