Friday, September 11, 2015

Perry Done Who Is Next

Money is the mothers’ milk of politics; without enough of it a candidate it will soon bury
The first victim from the Reds chasing the White House Dream is Rick Perry
He is the first to drop but will not be the last
Not a D.C. insider but in this year of the outsider still part of the political caste
Ironic that Trump with the most money to on this campaign spend has spent the least
With his plane, helicopter and counter puncher role and no substance he devours the media feast
The media flock to him and he is getting most of the media ink
Not bound in any way to the normal PC stink
 Poor Jeb and Scot have seen their approvals descend into terminal fade
As Trump surges in the Red campaign parade
His bombast makes a former Teflon president look like he was coated with tar and hit with a blizzard of feathers
Blunt speaking without substance free from any donor or PC tether
Carly and Carson have both felt his scathing attacks
Carly ruined HP and Carson basic surgical skills lack
Red establishment versus the outsiders led by Trump will most likely in the primary lose
The insider outsider hanging around for the morsels is none other than Ted Cruz
When if ever will the voters of the ego and bombast tire?
Will his popularity instead continue to go higher?
Fueled by a campaign of slogans making this nation again great
Voter anger and anxiety like hungry fish rushing to his bait
The theater of the absurd, the reality show of you’re fired
Sadly in this dangerous world, no place to which we could safely retire
© September 11, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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