Thursday, September 3, 2015

Outsiders Rule Insiders Drool

The pundits originally thinking we voters would face a Bush Clinton rematch
Missed completely the anger over that the dysfunction Washington has hatched
Out of the 17 candidates on the Republican side, 14 have political office on their resume
Their candidacies ebbing faster than a tide emptying Fundy Bay
Three outsiders two of which were months ago completely to the voters unknown
A claim to a near majority of Red voters these outsiders own
Trump had the famous name with the business and TV smarts
But with his bombast and stands on immigration had to be doomed from the start
Yet with each poll he is appealing to more and more minds and creating passion in more hearts
The other two surging are a neuro surgeon and the former head of HP
While the Blue “front runner” by the hounds of scandal cornered in a tree
And although a senator but as a socialist self professed
More likely than not seems to pass the outsider test
Already Trump the master of the airwaves has raised the trial balloon
Alluding that Hillary due to the FBI may be from the Blue list be pruned
Interesting theater that will take several billions of campaign to bring to a welcome end
No sign of increasing rise of anger of against D.C. along with the rising acceptance of outsiders’ trend
© September 3, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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