Wednesday, September 23, 2015

FBI Recovering Deleted Hillary Emails

Finally the Queen in waiting breaks her silence and her position on Keystone reveals
Pandering to the green fanatics of the Blues she wants to torpedo the Keystone deal
At least after months of refusing to speak as her numbers sink
Finally on a cricital issue we mere mortals now know what she thinks
From an earlier position of support to bring oil from a stable Canadian source
She now Keystone XL will no longer endorse
Forget the jobs to be created, forget the security, forget the safety a pipeline entails
When push comes to shove, politics over a nation’s need for Hillary will prevail
Lost in the news of the Pope’s visit to D.C.
Is the news that the wiper she used was from the tech world jayvees
The thousands of emails that were “personal” and by her were deleted
Are being recovered by the FBI and may further reveal her pattern of deceit
She and her campaign team must be sweating blood
Her campaign cannot rise above the continuing scandal flood
Even State appears to be throwing her under the bus
No one wants to be aligned with someone more and more people cannot trust  
If any of the deleted emails are work related or involve funneling speech money to Bill
Or quid pro quo donations to the Foundation’s till
Her campaign is over; she is toast and even the politicized DOJ will not her save
Fitting end for a campaign by a woman whose ethics and honesty are depraved
© September 23, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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