Saturday, September 5, 2015

More Refugees Than Since WWII

The scenes in Hungary of refugees into Europe trying to flee
Anything to be from the barbarism of ISIS free
Tragic beyond comprehension or words
Total barbarism that thus far the civilized world’s response has been absurd
Taking in refugees in Europe is obviously a noble humanitarian goal
But will not drive a mortal stake into ISIS’ body and soul
About as effective as fighting crabgrass or dandelions by cutting the tops and not pulling out the roots
Each day another area sprouting more ISIS fresh blades or shoots
If you are going to eradicate this menace you are going to have to have boots
You are going to have to deny these barbarians any access to petroleum loot
You are going to have to get in the social media war to stem their recruiting tide
But Obama is clueless and under him the strength of our armed forces continues to subside
Instead of beheadings what we need to see are thousands of dead ISIS bodies killed by bombs by the thousands and combat brigades
Ground up to be fed to the pigs or left to rot to the bones and then dumped into ocean in a never ending cascade
With Turkey sealing its border to incoming jihadists fighters trying to ISIS join
If caught slicing their nuts from their loins
Brutal though the idea may be half measures in this fight will not avail
Gnat-like air strikes only are doomed to fail.
More refugees not immigrants as the media might wish to sugarcoat are on the move than since WWII
Walking hundreds of miles or lining up for trains in longer and longer, more desperate queues
If the civilized world is serious about stopping the flood and reversing ISIS’ march to victory course
United it must wage war with no quarter, no punches pulled at the Caliphate’s source
© September 5, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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