Thursday, September 3, 2015

Quid Pro Quo Alive And Well In Hillaryland

One of the complaints about Trump is that he is sucking up all the issue oxygen out of the air
Leaving his opponents gasping for breath unable to their different positions compare
On the Blue side the same concern with respect to Hillary as her scandals grow each day
With the FBI finally involved and hopefully soon a grand jury on its way
The page from the Clinton deception playbook of a right wing conspiracy is now in shreds
More and more of us believe that when it comes to honesty Hillary has us misled
Like a good lawyer Hillary and her lapdogs have adopted this mantra line
As long as classified material was not so marked any disclosure is fine
Sounds good, sounds plausible but like debating number of angels on a pin, it is not right
Like wiping her serving with a towel puts her in an increasingly difficult light
Hillary only used one server, her own private one and yet she asks us to believe
She is the only Secretary of State in history that on her server classified material she never received
Unbelievable and the voters’ intelligence she and her supporters insult
No wonder her sinking poll numbers are the inevitable, logical result
Lost in the furor of the issue of whether on the released so far the emails she broke the law
The media’s intention has missed another glaring Hillary defense flaw
30,000 emails that were scrubbed that supposedly only personal information contained
The logical suspicion is that she wanted her complicity in Benghazi and in quid pro quo any query  will be restrained
People believe people like Lerner take the fifth because they are guilty and have something to hide and conceal
No wonder Hillary set up the server and wiped it clean not for convenience but to prevent quid pro quo dealings being revealed
Follow the money and for a pattern with money and favors linked
Only a complete fool would otherwise think
Laureate by Hillary gets added to a private policy dinner on education at State
Followed by an almost 2 million dollar donation to their money raising plate
A quid pro quo is that Bill became an honorary Chancellor and gets millions paid into his till
Mere coincidence or yet another example of quid pro quo still?
If the 30,000 emails were really only personal when did Hillary ever have time to her pay check earn?
Or is the line between business and personal enrichment ignored and spurned?
The person who installed the server has indicated he will the fifth plead
Congress should grant this small fish immunity to foil Hillary’s attempt to cover up succeed
While leaving no stone unturned to have a special prosecutor free from the meddling of the DOJ
And a grand jury to investigate also free from Lynch’s political sway
© September 3, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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