Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shame On Blues On Planned Parenthood

Pope Francis is more than a class act; he is the real deal to his innermost core
A man of humility in his Popemobile, waving to the crowds seen through open doors
Addressing a Joint Session of Congress in a historic moment that moved Boehner to tears
One can only hope on the issue fetal harvesting his speech might Blue Senators’ views steer
 The House voted to freeze funding of Planned Parenthood with only two Blues in support
A sad day when we as a nation when it comes to morality due to the Blues we come up short
Harvesting fetal body parts for sale should make all but the most heartless want to puke
The Blues preparing to filibuster to keep the harvesting in place deserve our harshest rebuke
What would Harry Reid do if his dictatorial rule was still in place
Look only to his acts to get Obamacare through and the Senate rules erase
If the Reds do not have the balls and still believe in compromise
And  are not willing to see Senate rules for political gain suffer a demise
Here is an idea that might work—the House should pass a bill that no abortion clinic may receive federal funds if it sells or recovers costs for fetal body parts
Might not be a  perfect solution to the agony felt by conservatives over abortion but at least a start
Sadly, once again the Reds on an important issue by Obama and the Senate Blues are outflanked and viewed as inept
Will be viewed as the cause of a government shutdown for a second time and this time the voters will not forget
Politics is the art of compromise but also the art of choosing which hill to storm
More critical to elect a Red president in November to have any chance of American excellence being reborn.
© September 24, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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