Saturday, September 5, 2015

Outsider Trump Leads All Blues

Washington has become so dysfunctional, from the wishes of the voters consistently turns a deaf ear
With safe districts and huge campaign war chests the incumbents rarely have anything to fear
Save on rare moments when incumbents look into the self reflection mirror
Totally dependent of donations that lobbyist seek to their votes steer
No wonder Trump has struck among the voters a responsive chord
Refusing to let PAC money corrupting influence to his campaign come on board
With his after burners on full ignition mode he has broken free also of the PC chains
Raising illegal immigration as a major issue while this country due to China and other goes down the drain
Six out of ten voters want to reject the Iran nuclear deal
But Blue lap dogs of Obama will give it a veto proof seal
Overwhelming majorities of Americans want  KeystoneXL
Obama and most of his Blues thumb their noses and tell us to go to hell
For the insiders who be they Red or Blue become more and more aloof and nonresponsive each day
Letting only those who fund their campaign to in their votes have any say
If they do not hear the anger and frustration they will soon be extinct
Fresh air will follow as outsiders replace the corruption stink
No wonder Trump is now leading all Blues in another recent poll
And a Blue outsider is making it more and more difficult for Hillary to achieve her coronation goal
More and more prior or continued political office on a candidate’s résumé
Makes it more and more likely that an incumbent’s candidacy a challenger will slay
In terms of career politicians like Pelosi a welcome trend
If the rookies can the bureaucracy strangulation of our economy and lives end.
© September 5, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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