Friday, September 4, 2015

Francisco Sanchez Trial To Face Kate's Law Needs To Be In Place

In the 60’s amidst the chaos of the Vietnam War
The social fabric of the nation by divisive forces tore
A sanctuary was the idea of wearing a flower in your hair
If in San Francisco all love and peace you could share
Today, there are no flowers only sanctuaries where illegals can hide and prey
Innocents like Kate Steinle will never see the sun rise on another day
Francisco Sanchez an illegal, safe from ICE power to from a city jail snatch
For all illegals the magnet if you get there you cannot be back to your home country be dispatched
This pathetic felon on the multiple deportation bungee cord
Killed an incredible woman just starting to achieve life’s awards
Compounded the sad tragedy even if after a guilty verdict after a trial
Only a second degree charge so this pathetic killer will not walk the Green Mile
One should never those illegals striving to improve their economic lot paint with a broad brush
But scum like Sanchez who commit crime and keep coming back should be crushed
Sanctuary is anarchy and a complete rejection by cities of the national law
In order that her life and Marilyn Pharis’ life was not in vain these killings should be the last straw
If Francisco, the poster child for San Francisco’s anarchy, is convicted for murder and serves time
Pray it is long enough that this “Willie Horton” dies in prison naturally or by inmates for his crimes
And for those multiple deportees who seek to follow
May the myth of jobs and welfare benefits prove to be barren and hollow
And may the second attempt to cross if then caught
Expose that illegal to a five year in prison time to rot.
© September 4, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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