Thursday, September 24, 2015

More and More Hacking of Feds by the Chinese?

When it comes to cyber security the feds are playing not with a jayvee team
Not with the freshman but rather the T-ballers who hackers easily cream
We already have learned of the hacking of 21 million federal employee personal files
Most likely by the Chinese whose leader will see from Obama tomorrow only smiles
Now we learn that the 10 million or so Obamacare enrollees
Face the real threat of all their personal data available for hackers to see
Should not be too surprising as the CMS was the agency that almost a billion dollars spent
For a website totally inept that had the officials been in the private sector to the unemployment line they would have been quickly sent
An audit found that cyber security for were slipshod open to be hacked
While all around the world we see more and more cyber attacks
Cyber security in the fed colossus appears to be only a passing low priority thought
A veritable gold mine of ID info hackers have sought
The 110 million dollar fed system is known as MIDAS, really an appropriate name
Like the king who turned anything touched to gold, hackers touch data and can play empty the bank accounts with stolen ID game
Mao used to call us the “Paper Tiger” and when it comes to cyber warfare he was right
Instead of mounting cyber counter attacks or sanctions Obama is welcoming the Chinese president with a 21 gun salute and a gala state dinner at night
As much as her personality and record convinces me to believe
That Hillary’s private email server was created to conceal and deceive
Instead of convenience she could have claimed her motives were pure
To protect the nation since the fed’s servers were from hackers not secure
© September 24, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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