Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Defund the top Butcher

According to the butcher of almost 400,000 babies who will never take a breath outside the womb
Many harvested for fetal body parts, then discarded into the dumpster—no service, no urn, no tomb
The villain is not Planned Parenthood but those fanatics who took the concealed videos and the harvesting revealed
Ms. Richards who directs millions to the Blues on the hot seat before Congress as there are calls to their funding repeal
Women’s health is an issue that we all should have common ground
But harvesting fetal parts aborted many of us feel is barbaric and unsound
Planned Parenthood has on video been caught
Defying reality claims it was an anti abortion fanatic plot
As a human being watching the videos I want to puke
Ms. Richards merits no more taxpayer money and  the most severe humanity rebuke
The solution to this Soylent Green barbarism of Planned Parenthood is to do a Harry Reid traditions of the Senate kill
Take any Senate bill  passed, change it to an appropriation bill
Reconciliation only 51 votes and the filibuster cannot kill.
Planned Parenthood is a butcher and a contribution funding mechanism shill for the Blues
When do we when it comes to 500k a year salary to Ms. Richards thanks to us on your funding from us you are through  
© September 29, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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