Thursday, September 17, 2015

Harvest Fetal Stem Cells Shame!

We are in the time warp of where technology and science are advancing at hyper speed
And ethics to face the challenges posed are moving a slow walk speed
When does life begin and in the aging or diseased winters when to say enough and it to an end?
How easy it for the basic Commandment of thou shall not kill bend
Most people except perhaps those desperate to sacrifice others to their own life spare
Would the idea that it is ethical to take a life forswear
Years ago if a baby was born several weeks premature it could not live outside the womb
Now with the advance of science, babies born 22 weeks after conception is not an automatic death sentence to doom
Even before that although dependent on the mother’s womb a fetus is moving, heart pumping and organs all working just hanging, growing to take the first breath of non placenta air
A baby soon to be born but in the eyes of Planned Parenthood merely an accident, a harvest of organs of stem cells to sell as part of their wares
The videos taken of the Planned Parenthood sucking down wine and brie
While talking about how to alter the abortion to get for the parts higher fees
Makes this poet sick to his stomach and wanting to puke
Holding it only so the Blue supporters like Hillary and Pelosi he wants to rebuke
Carly Simon said it best almost shaking with rage on a Reagan Library stage leveling a devastating blame
Daring Hillary and Obama to watch the videos and daring her fellow Reds to vote to defund regardless of veto or face eternal moral shame
Planned Parenthood already sucks up 500 million bucks from the feds but not enough to feed Lamborghini greed
A forlorn hope but are there any Blues in the Reid and Pelosi minions to fundamental rules of decency and ethics heed?
Just because we aging boomers’ have only stem cells that are probably shot
Do not think with our demand for services we are immune to this ethical rot
© September 17, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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