Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Classified Material On Hillary's Server

Hillary’s standing in the polls even against a socialist are sinking like a stone
Yet she still sticks to the mantra of no classified material so no reason for her to atone
The right wing conspiracy has now become just an interagency squabble, a mere bureaucratic mistake
A total crock  a nation’s security potentially exposed to a deadly hacking stake
This woman continues to insist that she has done nothing wrong
Since in her mind she has always been above the law still able to belt out that tired song
Details on the nuclear weapons program of North Korea she believes is not classified
All sense of credibility or judgment such a statement should defy
Josh Ernest on the Kim Davis jailing solemnly intones that no one is above the law
Glossing over a course of conduct over the years revealing a fatal Hillary flaw
Classified material on a server not secure probably by the Chinese hacked
Shows a complete and utter judgment lack
All of us hope that the FBI can retrieve some of the “personal” emails she erased
More likely than not the quid pro quo favors at the Foundation we will be able to trace
If Hillary does not recognize the inevitable and from her coronation withdraw
Coupled with a plea bargain to escape the violations by her of the law.
 Like Petreaus she should face indictment
Probation and fines but not imprisonment
© September 8, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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