Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cooking The Books On ISIS As Thousands Flee

The images from Hungary or that of the body of a small boy dead on a Greek beach
Break open a viewer’s heart as thousands are fleeing ISIS ‘s deadly reach
President Obama’s legacy of withdrawal of American might and refusing to lead
Has left a vacuum in the Middle East allowing ISIS to expand faster than rabgrass weeds
Obama has not a clue or worse not a shred of will
To this jihadist cancer growing among us try to kill
Worse when it comes to ISIS his top advisers may be cooking the books
Like the body counts of the Vietnam War honesty to the public forsook
The mantra of the White House from the day of Benghazi has always been
GM survives, bin Landen has died and in the war against ISIS we win
His legacy is one of dishonesty, deception and outright lies
Now we are seeing the fall out as real refugees must flee or die
Putin knows that Obama in confronting terror is a feckless poltroon
His advisers from Rice on down have been shown to be total buffoons
Putin is flooding Syria with military aid and perhaps troops
Since Iran pulls Assad’s strings do not be surprised if Putin prior Soviet influence in the Middle East recoups
With our debt nearing 19 trillion dollars as we look more and more like Greece
Our entitlement mentality of Obama means we are almost out of options for this decline to cease
A “deal” with Iran the terms of which are clouded and obscured with side deals
So typical of this president whose instinct is always to the truth from us conceal
Charles Martel of Tours who stopped the Moors’ invasion dead in its tracks
Must be rolling in his grave as millions of Muslims are fleeing to take Europe back
This refugee crisis will end only if Obama commits to destroy ISIS with troops on the ground
No more gnat like air strikes which have proven to be ineffective and unsound.   
 © September 10, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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