Monday, September 14, 2015

Refugee Flow Won't Slow Until Obama Lets A Killing Isis Strategy A Go

When it comes to creating a flow of migrants our president is without equal
Now after thousands of unaccompanied minors on our Southern border we now see the horrific sequel.
The flood of illegals lured by Obama’s implication if you could get her you could stay
Braved long dangerous journeys on foot and trains, raped, beaten, easy targets for predators to slay
Images of outraged U.S. citizens blocking ICE buses trying to enter their towns
Minors swimming across the Rio to surrender to ICE to stay, not to be turned back around
A commander in chief who chose to flaunt the law
But in so doing revealed to himself a fatal flaw
Too easy to connect his statements on video and TV
To the near immediate horror and outrage over the images of minors we would see
In Europe today the images of near millions, terrified, frantic fleeing to save their lives from the chaos in the Middle East
From a barbaric ISIS , Assad, and radical Islam turning civilian innocents into a-to-be-butchered feast
Makes all of us want to cry out “How could this largest flood of migrants since WWII happen under his watch?”
Unseen forces of normal migration, miscalculations or a typical Obama delusional botch?
This migration took longer not so quickly foreseen but to Obama’s feckless actions there is a solid link
Support the killing of Qhadaffi from behind and watch chaos and disintegration result
Lid on domestic turmoils blown off and four Americans killed in the Benghazi assault
A double dare of the red line in the Syrian sand
Ignored as Assad’s chemical attacks went out of hand
Obama has had it all in reverse-it is not teleprompter speak loud and speak slick
But ala Teddy Roosevelt speak softly but carry a big ready to use stick
Cut and run from Iraq after Petreaus delivered a dead Al Qaeda on a silver platter
Into the vacuum flowed the “JV” team to Iraq completely batter
Finally after videos of beheadings finally caused his gold game to disrupt
Gnat like strikes on ISIS— useless, feckless, no wonder this exodus continues to erupt
There are a lot of bloody hands in the Middle East some stretching back a thousand years
But the newest and most drenched is Obama and the fact that Assad, Putin, ISIS and radical Islam have not of him a wit of fear
© September 14, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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