Tuesday, September 1, 2015

False Missile Gap In 60's Real Ice Breaker Gap Today

While Obama is in Alaska raising alarms over climate change
Just next door Russia under Putin is seeking the Arctic to rearrange
The giant gas station economy is laying claim to hundreds of Arctic square miles
 With intentions toward us and our allies less benign and more hostile
We learned today that Russia has 40 ice breakers so necessary to the Arctic ice traverse
Building 10 more while caught asleep at the helm we have only 2 to disburse
If Obama really believed in climate change that would much of the Arctic ice thaw
What caused him to miss increased sea lanes in the Arctic knowing the Bear was flexing his claws?
When it comes to Russia’s moves for us to be in a position to predict
Obama’s advisers caught flat footed too often,  leaving us unable to Putin’s moves restrict
Putin is no fool and has watched this President make great speeches to evil try to contain
But when it comes to the use of effective force he promptly refrains
No weapons for the Ukraine, no weapons for the Kurds, gnat like strikes in Syria and Iraq
Reducing our military to levels not seen since the eve of WWII leaving  huge preparedness gaps
We should remain calm for our commander in chief announced he will speed up the construction of a new icebreaker two years
So if Putin sits on his claws till 2020 we have nothing to fear
Like the Iran deal Obama is playing the game of national security with loaded dice
In the world stage under Obama we are acting less like men and more and more like mice
© September 1, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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