Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Obama's Call To Goforth Widow Nice But Bully Pulpit Needed

Obama’s call to the widow of Deputy Goforth to condolences express
A little late but a nice gesture but misses the real need for him to  this war on police help to suppress
A tail of two shootings--the first of which the DOJ launched a full court press
To a false narrative of “hands up don’t shoot” address
Holder flew in to the funeral of Michael Brown attend
Obama railing against the police violence against blacks trends
After Ferguson was almost looted bare and burned to the ground
The truth came out an the “hands up don’t shoot” myth was proven to be unsound
No hate crime charges, no charges against Officer Wilson ever filed
Real victims were the businesses burned and looted by thugs running wild
Second shooting involved Goforth who was killed only because of the uniform he wore
Shot to death merely pumping gas by a black looking to even the Black Lives Matter score
No altercation, no attempted warrant serving, no attempted arrest
Like a true coward from behind instead of face to face shooting him in the chest
The result would most likely have been the same and Goforth would have died
However slim at least to save his life he could have tried
Obama is not a stupid man and he must know the bully pulpit’s power
His rhetoric and the rhetoric of other leaders against cops can only cause the cop/citizen relationship to further sour
Time for him to take a stand with Sharpton and leaders of Black Lives Matters on the bully pulpit stand
In no uncertain terms intone that killing police officers will not be tolerated in this land
© September 1, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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