Thursday, September 17, 2015

$6 Million Man Sequel?

When it comes to staying on budget the Pentagon has a miserable track record
Almost impossible to name a weapons system that costs out of control have soared
Worse, common items like toilet seats that at Ace Hardware very easy to find by a frugal buyer
Put the mil spec label and the costs magically become $400 higher
When it comes to wasting money our Pentagon has no equal
But who would have every thought we would see a Lee Majors TV sequel
In the 70’s Lee Majors starred in a three year series called the Six Million Man
Bionic eyes with infrared and the ability to zoom, bionic legs to run at sixty miles across the land
But today another devastating news bomb
Another example of another total failure of Obama’s gnat like approach to radical Islam
A $40 million spent of a 500 million program that trained 54 Syrians to ISIS fight
All but four have been killed or have thrown away their weapons and taken flight
Compared to Steven Austin a bargain for each fighter only $750k
But Austin was merely fiction, this is reality of another Obama policy gone astray
Just like Yemen which Obama had the chutzpah to announce as a war on terror success
Only days before Yemen collapsed in another example of radical Islam we have failed to suppress
The T-ball team now faces yet another surprise with Putin into Syria pouring in tanks, planes, missiles and combat troops to support Assad aggress
Be prepared for one of our gnats attacking ISIS being shot down Russian missiles for when it comes to swallowing territory Putin likes to fress
© September 17, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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